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The sacrifice stone "Borrahall"

The sacrifice stone "Borrahall" has 50 "bowls" carved out, so called elf mills, in which the bronze age people executed magic
spells, whose meaning is long gone lost. But it's known that the religion at the time required symbolic aswell as real sacrifice
rituals to the gods in order to protect oneself against the evil, famity and bad weather. In the ground, rusty iron coins
(bracteates) from the bronze age to coins from Oscar the Second's time have also been found.


"Borrahall" is located 2 km north east of Ekeryd's village.
In Taberg, drive towards Sjöhult/Porteshult. After 7 km you arrive in Sjöhult, drive through the village and continue straight
ahead on a smaller road when the road turns sharply to the right. After 10 m, turn right, drive 1200 m on this small gravel road until
a dead end. Walk right (south west) on a small forest path. After 300 m, the path turns turns sharply to the left, to the right
another, smaller path continues. Follow this one and 30 m in, you arrive at "Borrahall".


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