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More to do in Taberg's surroundings.

Go for a gocart-competition at Torsvik together with friends!
More info at:

Paddle the canoo:
Rent and paddle the canoe at Åsabadet in Taberg, where you can explore the lakes Åsasjöarna. If you're up for a longer trip, you can paddle from the beach Tahebadet in Taberg to Laholm, and then further to Denmark via the river Lagan. The first trip, however, demands quite a bit of leg muscles, but once one has passed Eckern, 10 km south east of Taberg, the pay off comes.

The "Swim Train":
If the paddling isn't your cup of tea, you can take the "Swim Train" down to Halmstad. You get on the train "Krösatåget" in
the morning and approximately 3 hours later, you arrive in Halmstad. Then you sunbathe at the sea until it's time to return
in order to be back in the evening. Time tables are to be found at:  

Play "Pay & Play" Golf:
At the Skinnarebo Golf Club, graded as the finest  short holes course, you can also play "Pay & Play", meaning you don't have to have your own clubs or a green card in order to play. Clubs can be rented in the shop. More info at:

Pony riding:
If you want to try pony riding and pet the animals on a farm, Sundays are the days to go:
You can do that at "Hustomten", a couple of km south of Månsarp.

Ax-throwing or lawn sliding:
Out at Sevdabo you can try some more advanced and unusual sports.
More info at: