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The Industrial Museum in Norrahammar

From primitive ironhandling to modern industry.

In the middle of the Taberg creekvalley, almost in the shadow of the hill that gave forge iron to the many hammermills, you can today find an industrial museum that illustrates this interesting history.

The production of iron has a long history in the Taberg valley.
Finds of small blast furnaces

show that iron was produced from red earth and marsch ore as early as in the Viking age.

Oremining in Taberg dates back to the end of the 1400´s and in 1618 Gustav II Adolf issued privileges for Tabergs Bergslag. Ore from Taberg was used at some 20 blast furnaces around the area and played an important part in the economical development in the whole province.

With our exhibition Primitive Ironhandling we want to show production from red earth to iron and mountainore to pig-iron.

The industrial epoch is illustrated by a number of objects and equipment. From various earlier industrial activities in the valley and around Barnarp. A large part of the exhibit also shows the social life during the building of society, with housing, trade etc.

An extensive amount material, such as texts and photos, supplement the exhibition and visitors can take part in the history of the district on their own.

Our ambition is to leave the visitors with an idea of how our ancestors produced the iron, important both for tool and weaponproduction as well as trade-merchandise, and how our district turned from peasant-society to a modern industrial region.

Norrahammars Industri Museum
Box 37
562 21 Norrahammar
Tel: 036- 31 66 21